Have you heard of the group “Black Violin”?  Well, neither had I until the Principal at my school saw the need to expose our children to some cultural diversity and took the entire school to the Orpheum in Memphis, TN to see a performance by this extraordinary group.  Two young men and their violins.  Here’s an excerpt from the internet about them from the site–http://www.last.frm/music/Black+Violin:

On May 21st 2005 Black Violin, two classically trained musicians took home the title ‘2005 Apollo Legends’ which catapulted them to international fame. These two gentlemen, Kev Marcus and Wil B along with their DJ TK have created the ultimate synergy between classical and Hip-Hop music, and with it an incredible opportunity to reach young children.

The performance was outstanding and they parted with a word to the children:  ”In order to rise to the top you have got to continue to work to be better than the best that you can be.  You have to put yourself out there and keep pushing to reach your goal.”  They told them that the reason they became a success is because someone took notice of them one day and was willing to take a chance on them.  They said hadn’t they put themselves out there time and time again, they probably would have gone unnoticed.

If this group comes to your area, take your kids on a field trip to see them.